Monday, November 15, 2010

a sunny day

we did lots of things today, like working in journals and reading books about families, playing the fingers-only version of simon says, and making the ffffff sound of the letter f. but the best part of our day was spent outside in the (chilly) sunshine, soaking up what's probably the last bit of nice weather before the chicago winter sets in.
there was one last green tomato lingering in the garden

there was water to flick from every surface

much jumping from the balance beam

and of course, the trusty trikes.


  1. do you have enough helmets for everyone? just one per bike? i want to begin this phase of our preschool bike riding, but am not sure about the system.

  2. we have four bikes, and a helmet for each bike- we did have to get different helmet sizes, though. the size range of the preschoolers' noggins surprised me!