Thursday, November 11, 2010

goop, for the first time.

i don't know why i haven't made goop with the children before today. it used to be a weekly staple, but honestly- with all of the things we are supposed to do to every day, an activity like this has become something of a luxury. i HAVE to change this. we need to have something wet, slimy, gloppy, or otherwise totally messy in the classroom every. single. day. for some children it is an absolute necesity to get them to stop circling and engage with something for longer than five seconds. for some it provides an essential finger-muscle workout. for some it is the perfect chance to practice writing their name (with something as popular as the goop has been, we have to create a sign-up sheet). and while some will become completely silent and absorbed while working that glop, most will explode with language. "ms wendi! it's like noodles! it's like water! it's like spiders! i want more water in it! it's cold! gooooooopy. feels yucky! like a tree! like a snake! no, like milk!"

yes. we will have goop available as often as possible.

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