Monday, January 10, 2011

what do you know about the gingerbread man?

angel: "his nose, mouth, eyes is candy."
jian hao: "gingerbread man have buttons and have foot."
nelson: "he's a cookie."
aaron: "that little old woman... he comes from grandma's house."
sharon: "he met a pig and fox and duck and sheep."
amy: "RUN!"
mandy: "he say 'run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me. i'm the gingerbread man!'"

it seems we already know a lot about the gingerbread man. we are going to learn even more about gingerbread and the many variations of this story (including the gingerbread girl) over the next couple of weeks. this is all part of our study of winter and the foods we typically consume in the wintertime. this year i plan on baking gingerbread cookies with the kids, too. it's something that i meant to do last year but when i found out how complex the recipes were, my motivation fizzled. i won't let that happen this year, no matter how pressed for time i am or how overwhelming this week (which is dedicated to parent conferences) feels.

paint cups on the tables are very attractive

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