Wednesday, December 29, 2010

preschoolers, meet ipad.

ms. wendi brought her ipad to school today, and much excitement and squealing ensued. one of my girls said to me: "ms wendi, i know this ipad! i watching tv, and i see this ipad."

i found two games so far that i liked the looks of enough to purchase- an alphabet recognition and letter-sound match game, and an app that basically just shows photos of animals and plays the sounds the animals make. both are fantastic for english-language learners, but i want to find something that helps little fingers learn how to form letters and numbers. i read about two montessori-influenced apps that are getting great reviews- i'm probably going to download them this weekend and give them a test run. i have one little boy, in particular, who is almost 5 and will be leaving for kindergarten in the fall, and he has absolutely positively NO interest in learning how to write his name or draw pictures. hopefully this letter-tracing app will be valuable for him.

the other thing that we did today was try out our new snow shovels. they were fantastic, and everybody had a great time movin' that snow. too bad i only bought 5 shovels. it was harder to wait for a turn with the shovels than it was to wait for a turn with the ipad, and that's saying something.

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